Anker soundcore mini charging problem

Hi i bought a anker soundcore mini a few months ago. I was really impressed with it until a few days ago when the battery died and i tried charging it but no light came on to tell me it was charging or anything. I am using the cable that was provided with it and i have tried other cables but none of them seem to work too. I have charged the product before and i never had a problem with it but for some reason this time its not working. If anyone has a solution to my problem please help. Would be very much appreciated.

Try using a different cable and wall plug, if all else fails contact and provide serial number, order number and explain whatever problem you are having and steps you have taken to try and remedy the problem


contact @AnkerSupport they have helped me on several issues and sent my replacements in a few days after sending the email. I’ve been very happy with the quality of support service they offer. If you send out a support request on a Friday or during the weekend they may not reply until Monday. They run minimal staff on the weekends or are closed completely.