Anker SoundCore Mini 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

I received this a few days ago and finally today i have some time to write up a bit :slight_smile:
Thanks @AnkerOfficial for the testing opportunity :smiley:

Anker SoundCore Mini 2 portable bluetooth speaker comes in Anker’s new generation blue and white packaging with detailed picture showing the product inside and some nice pattern on the top blue panel.

Inside the packaging there is a micro USB cable for charging and the cylindrical speaker, as well as documents such as manuals etc. The speaker is a little bigger than the last generation, and the control buttons are now on the base section of the speaker. There are two LEDs on each side of the control buttons, the left one indicate power and battery status, the right one shows bluetooth connection status.

I used my iPhone to connect to the speaker play music, the bluetooth is based on version 4.2 standard, and support up to 66 ft of distance. In real life test I can leave the speaker in the living room while i can go to kitchen with my phone and it is still playing fine.

The sound quality is very good, especially for a small speaker like this, I don’t have the last generation at hand but compared from memory this speaker produces broader range of sound than the last generation. It can also produce some bass but compared to SoundCore 2 it is weaker, although it is quite supprising for its size. Its treble is very clear and not muffled. This speaker is also good for taking calls, I can hear the other person clearly.

Compared to the last generation this one has the FM, Micro SD functions removed, just focued on bluetooth and aux connection. There is also a new interesting feature called True Wireless Stereo - it is possible to pair with another one with the press of a button to create a stereo setup. I have not been able to test the stereo functionality as I only have one with me.

It is IPX7 waterproof rated, similar to Apple Watch, which should be able to stay in 1 meter deep water for 30 minutes. I did try to place it on my garden table while its raining it plays music fine and no damage done at all.


Thanks for the review! Did you happen to do any battery tests?

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Nice review and photos! :thumbsup:

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Interesting that the fm radio and sd are removed. Would be cool to hear the stereo version of this with two devices


Great review!

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Nice review :ok_hand:
I’ve been using the girls original SoundCore mini a lot the last few weeks. The original is a little beast so version 2 must be awesome :thumbsup: :loud_sound:

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nice review and pics

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Great review. Thanks for sharing your thoughts

I just got mine as well and love it. It has some cons but not many. Anyone know why the bottom has sticky surface?

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I assume the bottom sticky surface is more tacky so it doesn’t get knocked over as easily and it helps to prevent it from sliding

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I guess… But for me it collects dog hair and fur balls.

Helps clean the house :wink:

Great review dude! I absolutely love my one

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Excellent review and pic’s there @doris4jin :slight_smile:

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Didn’t manage to do a battery test but I still haven’t charged it yet!