Anker soundcore looses bluetooth connection in 2-4 sec... Please someone help me.

Hi guys , I need your support & suggestions for connectivity issue of Anker soundcore 1. It looses connection in 2-4 sec. Please guide me how to fix this problem.
Already I did reset the bluetooth setting… Now I don’t know, what to do… Feeling helpless …!


Please make sure that Soundcore Speaker is fully charged. It will take around 5 hrs at 5V/1A to reach a full charge. Get this done.

To which device are you pairing the Soundcore Speaker - PC OR Smartphone?
Make sure your device is within 3ft of the speaker.
Then Un-pair the speaker on your device, then try to re-pair.
If it does not help, Try a reset–

When in standby mode press/hold “BT” button for 2s to delete all previous pairing records.

Also reach out to / with purchase proof in case it’s within warranty.

I’m really thankful for your help. I’m trying to connect with iPhone and MacBook. I followed all your instructions but still same problem persist. Please any further instructions, if you could suggest. It would be worthy. Thanks

Sorry to hear the steps did not help,

please reach out to Soundcore Support , hopefully you should get resolution there!

Best of luck and keep us posted

Hi @drkhalidg
Have you tried a restart?
Forget the SoundCore 2 from all devices.
Reset SoundCore 2 (8-sec power button) (might be unnecessary).
2-sec on BT button, see flashing blue light.
Connect device.

Only press the bluetooth button on the speaker once for 2 seconds. If you keep doing it, it forcing the device to un-pair other devices.

Just a thought and something else to try while waiting for a reply from support.

Let us know if it helps!