Anker Soundcore Life Q20 firmware

Hello, recently bought Anker Soundcore Life Q20 and it randomly goes silent even if the volume is high. Anyone know how or why its doing so ?
Also how do i update firmware ? Downloaded Anker pc application and nothing is happening application cant find the headphones

There isn’t an update on Life Q20. I would recommend you reset the device. I bought a pair of Spirit X and it had that problem. I know a couple resets fixed it (though I was resetting them for a couple different reasons)

After resetting the earphones, do you have the same issue when the earphones are connected to another device?

Yes, it’s happening even after reset and on all devices

And when im watching online videos, only video laggs not pc.
Updated drivers and still happening

It only happens when it’s on Headphones mode( on Headset mode it sounds different like im underwater or something) and blue light on the headphone starts blinking

Any ideas?

It shouldn’t really do that on Headphones setting. And you really should listen on Headphones mode when watching videos and what not. But if reset doesn’t help, email Soundcore at

Yea but when i use Headphones mode i lose the sound and have to use Headset mode

Yea Headset mode doesn’t sound good for sure. I only use it on my Life 2 for when I’m on a video call. But Soundcore support should be able to help out with your device and if problems still continue, they would probably exchange it because of warranty

I’ll try to contact them. Do you know how long it takes them to respond ?
And you said theres no firmware update right ?

When I email them from eastern coast of USA, I get an email overnight so I get a reply when I wake up in the morning. And yea Life Q20 doesn’t have a firmware update

I’ve been testing setting and i think that was my fault… I always have discord on and in voice. Input device was on Default, changed it to Microphone Array ( Realtek High Definition Audio) and output Device was on Default too. Changed it to Headphones (Soundcore life Q20 Stereo). Now everything is working. Hopefully its fixed now.

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If your Anker Q20 cannot be heard in Windows, try this:

  1. Open Device Manager.
  2. Under the ‘Bluetooth’ options, find your Bluetooth adapter (Realtek, Broadcom, etc.)
  3. Right-click on it and click ‘Update driver’, then ‘Browse my computer for driver software’, then ‘Let me pick from a list…’
  4. Next to your current Bluetooth adapter, you should have ‘Generic Bluetooth Adapter’ on the list. Select it, click ‘OK’, reconnect your Soundcore Q20 and you should be good to go

For whatever reason, they are only compatible with generic Bluetooh driver. I hope it helps you.

This does not work.

I have switched the driver to Generic Bluetooth Adapter and my Q20 still blinks and will not completely pair with Win 10. I have tried this numerous times with no result other than failure.

Only my Q20 has an issue. It will not pair, it will not connect. I do not have my Q20 connected to any other device and I have done a hard reset on it at least half a dozen times.

Reboot everything.

You can only reboot everything so many times… which I have done. Many times.

I’ve even stared at it in a menacing tone…

Simple and worked for me to get soundcore life q20 headphones working on windows 10.

Start --> Device Manager --> Bluetooth --> set soundcoure life q20 as default

That’s what it normally should do.
But what is computer life without issues and errors we try to solve! :sweat_smile: