Anker Soundcore Life Q10 Laptop Bluetooth Connection Error

I bought a Monster computer. Although the computer sees my Anker Soundcore Life Q10 headset as a device in bluetooth, it cannot connect. So I couldn’t even pair the headset. I updated the drivers on this problem. However, I could not reach any conclusions. The headset connects to different phones and windows 10 devices. There is no problem with the headset. Please help me i couldn’t find the solution anywhere.

You should use the magnifier option (upper right corner)
There are many solution published using MS.
Have you checked all the threads there?

btw : Do they work with other devices?

Can the A10 be reset? I’d give that a try

The headset works on other devices but does not connect to computers via Bluetooth. I tried all the methods written. None of them solved my problem.

I reset it but it didn’t work either

Turn the bluetooth off of everything you’ve paired with. Don’t think why, just do.

Turn the headphones off.
Turn the PC off.

Turn the PC on.
Turn the headphones on.

Now see if it connects. If it works I’ll explain why.

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That didn’t work. Computer said: we got no response from the device.

Well the usual reason works with some things and not others are:

  • it’s currently connected to something else. The cure is to delete all pairings, turn off all Bluetooth, reset the headphones, then enable only the one device which can’t connect.
  • it was once connected to a newer version of Bluetooth. Cure is do the above and turn the headphones off then on.

Window 10 tends to want to connect to what it was once connected to so it needs to be off (unpaired and Bluetooth off) before you attempt to connect anything else.

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