Anker SoundCore Life P2 review - my new favourite headphones

Anker SoundCore Life P2 comes in the Anker blue and white packaging, inside the box, it contains the headphones with the case, FOUR different sizes of headphones earplugs covers, and an USB-C cable.

Firstly I took the stickers protecting the charging points on the headphones and place them back in the charging case with USB-C cable connected for about 10 minutes (actual time maybe less as I was eager to try them out :wink: ). Then they paired with my iPhone X quite easily just needed to go to the Bluetooth settings and select them. I then tried and found the second smallest size earplugs covers fit my ear very well!

Then I tried a few songs and omg! They do sound very good, the treble is so clear and the bass is strong but not over powering. I then tested the range, I could place my phone in the living room and walked around house without any problem with the connection. It is so conveniently to use, placing them back to the charging case they disconnect from my phone. and pull them out the case they automatically pair with each other and connect to the phone. I could place only one back and the remaining one was still connected to the phone it is convenient for taking phone calls or just listen to a podcast. While wearing them I tried cycling and they stay very securely in my ears. Also the battery life is great, it performed more than what Anker claimed “full 7 hours of listening, while the charging case extends that to 40 hours”, I got around 8 hours out of it and the case seemed never run out of juice.

There are some points I would like to suggest for possible upgrade of this product:

  1. When taking one headphone out of the case, it should start connecting to the phone rather than the need to take both, I understand this is for the true wireless pairing of both headphones.
  2. Make it possible to turn up or down the volume would be great, either with some combined click of both headphones or holding one side and click the other side.

I really love these and I prefer them than my all other headphones, I have SoundCore Slim+ and SoundCore Spirit X, the P2 gave me true freedom with no wire tether them and I take them with me all the time.

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Nice review and pictures. These are my current favorites as well.

Very good review :clap: