Anker Soundcore Life NC Review

Greetings all! I hope the last bit of winter is treating well if you’re in the northern hemisphere and your last bit of summer down south is going great! I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the few testers for Anker’s Soundcore Life NC. Here are my thoughts on the product:

Firstly, this is a wireless, neckband style of headphones. They are advertised as having noise cancellation, hi-res audio, as well as, bluetooth technology. Included in the package are the headphones, a charging cable, multiple ear plugs, instructions, a micro-usb to 3.5mm, and a felt-like lined carrying pouch (very nice actually).

Though I received this unit as a tester, they retail from Anker (via Amazon) for ~$100 and after testing these on a recent little road trip, I think they are well worth it when compared to the few units I have tested and owned previously.

The neckband style, to me, is the most comfortable setup, except when wearing a jacket; more about that in a minute. I have multiple models of neckband style, mostly big brands (LG, Samsung, etc.) and find these fit around my neck and stay the best. Both my Samsung models are a gloss finish and they move around a lot. These have a “rubberized” coating of some kind and they “stick” to my skin better when moving around. These aren’t cumbersome or overly-heavy on the neck. Big plus there as walking about with big over-ear headphones has always been an annoyance of mine. m

The earphones themselves fit snuggly in to my ears. I kept the original ones one, I’d say they are “mediums”. The fit made the noise cancellation even better. I typically listen to podcasts and music when wearing these headphones. Podcast were crisp and clean. Music was even better. The highs sounded true and mids-quality, and lows were noticeable, though not overly pronounced, but these are headphones so no worry from me there. For earbuds they sounded pretty good, though I think over-the-ear cans like my Sennheiser or AKGs sound better, but those drivers are much larger and substantially more expensive. The value with these headphones is fantastic.

The bluetooth connection was seamless with my multiple devices and easy to setup with each. The signal was very strong and I’d say it worked around 35-feet from a device.

Battery life appears to be good, but I honestly listened to these about 4-hour straight, charged, then another heavy listening session, so I cannot say for sure the true length of battery.

If you are looking for a quality set of earphones and like the neckband style like I do, you wouldn’t go wrong with picking these up.

edit: Adding photos, finally. Sorry for poorly lighting and photo quality.



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Nice review!
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I’ve never owned earbuds with neckband, perhaps I should get me some

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