Anker Soundcore life dot 2 discount

Last week anker soundcore life dot 2 were in stock for 109aed in amazon and noon, but now it went high to 149aed. Is there any discounts waiting for ? I want to buy it but i cant accept such difference within a week. So please give us discounts. I already bought one for 109aed and i loved it . But now i want to gift one to my friend so please give us a discount

There will be a discount in the future.
You need only to wait with patience.

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Hey @amrichellam
Just what @Chiquinho said, patience is a virtue.
Amazon prices rise and fall rapidly, buy when low, plan when high.

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Wise words.

Yes the faintest hints the price hikes are falling away. I’m still basically planning to stretch out my gadgets until next year if I can while the chip shortage has resolved.

Normally a product drops in price and keeps dropping til scarcity drives price up or it’s no longer available. This last year is atypical, prices not dropping, previous discounts not being seen again. It is normal for Anker to raise and lower prices to give the illusion of a deal but usually revisit a previous low and then later a new low, and they have not been doing that for months.

There’s increased demand with changing lifestyle patterns causing increased demand - once that demand is met then demand will fall, and causes for disruption of supply which should pass.

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100% @professor if one can wait, then wait one should do!
I only buy at a higher price if I’m desperate. Even then I’ll hit the Internet to get the “best high price” if that makes sense :thinking:

The only gadget I bought recently was a Wifi extender for my house where the router has 5 walls to the garden, but if it were not a low cost I’ve had made something up using an old router in bridge mode. Make do unless desperate.

I have an old fence needs replacing, I am hoping one more winter out of it for the wood price inflation to pass. I can probably repair it from something laying around…

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Repair rather than replace.
Unfortunately that attitude doesn’t exist much nowadays!


You’ll probably have to wait to get another discount

Can always join soundcore community and work to get a get enough notes to get get a discount on the soundcore site.

This would be more of a long game if they wanted to do that.