Anker soundcore life 2 neo Not working on discord

I have just had this problem of my new sound core life 2 neo headphones, specifically on discord (an application for talking and gaming) the audio cuts out and i cant hear anything after being in a call after a few minutes. I don’t believe that the problem is with discord because i used another pair of headphones and I didn’t get the same glitch. I have restarted my computer many times, i turned the headphones off and on and i also turned the Bluetooth off and on. FYI: i am on windows 10 on a Lenovo laptop. Hope someone can help, thanks

Did you pair the buds with any other device? If you did delete all those other pairings, or turn all their bluetooth off.

Hi thanks for replying, i found something else that was wrong with the Bluetooth connections. When i went into advanced settings for sound i could change which audio thing it was connected to (i really dont know how to explain this sorry). The best way i can explain is for my headphones there is 2 speakers (one is hands free audio and the other is stereo) and in the advanced sound settings i could see that for discord and many other applications the speaker was set to stereo while i was using the hands free audio. i just changed it to the one i was using and it was fixed! Thanks for responding anyway

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Ahh, you said Windows. That’s the issue. On Windows there are two devices, a headphone which is high quality and for listening, and headset which is for using microphone and low quality. These conflict with each other.