Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo Wireless Earbuds REVIEW

Video Review!

Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo Wireless Earbuds REVIEW

These things are sweet! They are better than the other wireless buds I have. They are great for activity and sound good really too! They stay in your ears really well.

They are extremely light weight though not quite as light as my AirPods. I think for everyday use AirPods are a little better as far as connectivity goes (Apple has an unfair advantage as they auto pause and auto pair) but these are much better for running- etc.

For the value these things are amazing! 10/10


Your link is not working. And I agree with you about the Airpods, in regards to connectivity. Pull it out and it’s ready to go. And I love the fact that you can customize the ear buds individually. The real plus for me is being able to use only the left earbud when I’m out walking so I can hear my surroundings…without having to fiddle to get it to play on that side.

I swear I mess up the link every time. Thanks for the heads up. It should be fixed now.

Yeah I like only needing to connect one at a time.

Nice review! Next time put a shirt on! :joy:

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It’s too hot to run with a shirt on! My neighbors don’t mind.

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Nice review. Thanks for sharing the video.

Thanks for watching! I may do a follow up with an “everyday use” video but running is what I plan on using these for primarily.

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Nice review as always Nick! What is the comfort level of these? And could you use them for extended period of time? :slight_smile:

Yes absolutely. I think a key with any wireless earbuds (or any for that matter) is weight. The lighter, the longer you can deal with them in your ears. I hope down the line Anker/Soundcore has some AirPod shaped buds mostly made from plastic that are even lighter.

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