Anker Soundcore Liberty Lite vs Liberty Neo

So I have the Liberty Lite, my Liberty Neo parcel has just turned up from Amazon.

SO… what is the difference?

Well initially, not a lot.

The box is the same, but the Neo is now Ultra Compact as opposed to the Lite which is Ultra Slim. Same play time. Neo now stated as Sweat Resistant, the Lite is Sweat Guard. Same Bluetooth 5.0.

So only visible difference on the box is the addition of Graphene on the Neo and Push and Go One-Step pairing.

The Neo case is much nicer, same size etc. But now in a snazzy metallic paint finish. The best bit?
The base is now rubber, so it doesn’t slide around like the Lite case. Otherwise identical, same magnetic snap in. However, there is a weight difference. The Lite weighs in at 53gr and the Neo at 56gr. So there you have it, the Lite is lighter!

The earbuds, well no difference in size, at all. Only visible difference is the logo.

Onto pairing with a Galaxy Note 9. The one touch pairing worked perfectly, first time. The left earbud when taken out paired with the right straight away, no awkward need to repair that I have experienced with the Lite.

Now onto sound. Here is a difference. The Neo sounds wider and fuller and sharper when playing Nickleback This is How you Remind Me. Great pick up of the wide level of sounds in this tune. Definitely a step up from the Light. So this is likely down to the graphene in the Neo.

Specifications in both user manuals are listed as identical.

I’ll be giving the Lite to my daughter and keeping the Neo for myself. It was meant to be the other way around. But hey I’m the bill payer and the sound is better with the Neo and the case is much nicer looking!

The Soundcore Neo could well be the best all round earbuds now available, based on quality and price. The Anker support is second to none in my experience, so don’t hesitate.

The drawbacks?
Well battery life could be better, but that’s a big ask in such a small package.
As with all Bluetooth devices, if you want this for gaming, you’ll be disappointed by the fractional delay in sound transfer to your device, not ideal for FPS shooters, where milliseconds mean life or death…


Nice comparison and pictures!

You should be able to copy/paste this comment underneath, into the main post. That way everything is more organized :wink:.

I would keep the better pair for myself as well :joy:

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Thanks, took your advice and looks better!

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Nice review!

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Nice comparison :thumbsup:

Had a question which has been asked more frequently on the forum… What happens when the earphone case runs out of charge - do the earphones pair to phone while still within the case for both of these Liberty pairs

Just a heads-up, since your using a Samsung phone… You can pair each earbud individually to your phone and use the dual audio of Bluetooth 5.0 and extend your listening time. When paired together they use more battery to stay paired to one another but since your phone supports dual audio you can pair them separately and get better battery life… This is how I use them myself


Great review and picture comparisons. I see that the Neo (if I’m not wrong) is slightly thicker than Lite. Does it feel the same in ear?

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Nice comparison. Very detailed.

I’ve been trying to figure what to purchase. They both look like great options. But it looks like I’m leaning towards the Neos

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i like the comparison you have done here. keep it up :wink:

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Love the review, the pictures are great. Good job

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Like the comparison, really helpful. Thanks !!

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Hahaha. Darn right! :stuck_out_tongue:

So according to your pictures, I assume the Neo is the one on the right? I like the look of the one on the right, shiny case. Great job with the review. I love the comparison.

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Awesome review. Not a big fan of the shiny case myself as it’ll be a fingerprint and scratch magnet! Definitely prefer the matte black finish on the Liberty Lite. :ok_hand:t2:

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Love the comparison great idea for a review and really helps people decide which product they want to pay for.

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Great review! So that is why they are called Lite!


@dicejedi The liberty lite was originally made after the Zolo liberty and liberty+, which were brought to the market from kickstarter. After a number of complaints on the size and how they didnt hold in peoples ears they redesigned them as Liberty Lite. The liberty neo introduced a limited edition color as well as enhanced graphene drivers among other things


NICKLEBACK?!?!?! I can’t believe you just admitted to listening to Nickleback. If it wasn’t for the quality of your overall review I might have just lost all respect for you :laughing:

Anyway, I am curious is the Neo sounds better when you have a phone call for the person on the other end. I have had a few people tell me the audio quality from the liberty lite is not great when you are listening to someone speaking into them. Did you compare the sound of the call from the far end? I’m wondering if getting the neo would fix this for me.


I though this but I try respect people. :joy: Savage


I gotta admit when I used the liberty air for phone calls at first I thought it was good but the other party said it sucked. But with the neos they said it no longer seemed like I had them on speakerphone and they could hear be clearer than before


I hope @mam7054 knows im just joking. I tried to resist but it was too easy!