Anker/Soundcore Liberty Earbuds

I have long been a fan of Anker and their various wireless options when it comes to audio. With that said, over the past year or so, I have struggled with their line of Liberty earbuds. My first initial pair was the Zolo Liberty’s and the right earbud went out after about 6 months. My replacement pair had the same exact issue except it was less than 4 months. Finally, I have now been working with my third pair and switched it up to a set of Soundcore Neo Liberty’s. So far, they are phenomenal.

I wanted to know if you guys have had similar experiences or if I just lost the graphene lottery those past two times. It goes without saying that Anker support is top-notch, but I wonder how frequent issues like these might be.

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This Fix has worked for many people.
The problem is that ear wax liquifies and works it’s way past the mesh screen, the linger you wear earbuds the more frequently it has a chance to heat up and seep past the mesh screen. Once past the screen it cools down because your body heat is no longer on that side and eventually the gunk builds up enough to block the passage of sound. General cleaning helps, but more severe issues requires the removal of the mesh screen to clean it out properly. Early on Anker and Soundcore used a fine mesh screen, but if you look at your neo earbuds you see they switched to a stamped steel covering which helps allow more sound through… But you still need to clean them regularly as well to prevent the issue from happening again.

Don’t get mad saying your ears are clean and not dirty, fact of the matter is that earwax is always present in our ears


Earwax is not dirt or dirty.

It’s the body’s way of cleaning itself of foreign objects… IE earphones/earpods.

Do not use those eartips to clean your ears, warm soapy water while under the shower will do a natural job of cleaning them out.

By constantly placing things inside the ear, you WILL get wax residue on the items. Just like sticking bits inside your other cavities, it needs to be cleaned!

I told you before, clean your ears regularly.

Naturally, I cleaned them regularly. The issue was not just a matter of ear wax clogging the stem, it was mechanical or total failure. And yes, the new steel covering actually does fare better in my experience so it is good that they seem to have taken notice of the issues experienced by the end user.