Anker Soundcore Liberty Air Tips Replacement

Hello all, recently got the Liberty Airs, but the supplied tips dont fit all that well into my ears. Looking online i read some people had issues with other tips not fitting into the case. I was wondering if that were true with these comply ones

They are specifically meant for “Truly Wireless Devices” and was wondering if anyone knows if they would fit or has some other recommendation.

The problem with eartips is the shape and how wide they are. Many are also made thicker than the supplied ones, so even if they fit the eartips they will not fit the case. If the included eartips do not fit your ears whether it’s too small than no replacement will fit into the case as they will be inherently too large. But, if you have tiny ears and need an even smaller size then it very well may fit inside the case.

I personally changed my right earbud tip to one that’s larger, sure it doesn’t fit inside the case to charge, but I just pull it off and stick it right on top of the earbud and close the lid. It holds until the next time I use them

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Personally for me the large ones fit in my ear but they do not seal well like some others I have. Maybe ill just grab em from best buy and return them if i cant figure anything out.

Maybe tape a small ziplock bag to the back of the case to store the tips in.