Anker Soundcore Liberty Air right earbud

Hi, i just bought the liberty air yesterday and until now i can’t connect to it . It seems like the right earbuds is not charging and doesn’t turn on. The left one is functioning as intended. A solution is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Did you remove the plastic that covers the charging pins? If not, take a look inside the case and see if its blocking the charging pins

I am having the same problem. Removed both stickers, charged them (all 3 dots are lit up on the charger). Left one blinks and the right one is not lighting up at all. I am about to lose my shit on this. Should be something so simple.

When you place them inside the case move the earbuds around to see if by chance they light up as they charge. Otherwise i would just recommend returning and exchanging them, or reach out to for further assistance

Tank check pms pls

Hi guys, thanks a lot for the reply but i’m still having problems with the right earbud not functioning at all even after i fully charged them and play around with it as mentioned. Basically the right earbud is dead. i bought the product at an local online store and i haven’t reached out to them regarding this matter as i would like to try to find out the solution on my own. i wonder is there any other way to fix it? @Tank @cbas1212