Anker Soundcore Liberty Air quality problem on my laptop

Wuddup people.
I just bought the Anker Soundcore Liberty Air. They sound fantastic so far and are very comfortable.
But… I connected them with my ASUS ROG and the quality is like t h e worst. Sounds like a 10 bucks headphone from the street. Are there any ways on how to improve the quality? I tested it back on my phone and the quality is still amazing, it’s clean. But on my laptop it’s terrible. The quality is even swinging like every 10 seconds?? idk

Find the manufacturer of your bluetooth chip in your laptop, go to that manufacturer website and download their latest bluetooth driver and install it. Repair the earbuds and it should be fine.
Do Not rely on windows update to give you the latest driver as it will generally say it’s up to date

Just give a check on the forum for Windows and Bluetooth, there are lot of solutions and fixes mentioned. Some inputs below:

  1. Usually it is a Bluetooth driver update from Microsoft or the CHIP provider for the laptop. You should find more details on Asus site for it.

  2. Please reach out to with your question.

  3. You should start posting on the Soundcore community –

  4. Here are some threads, may be not specific to your case, but in general the Bluetooth issue.

  1. suggest you also check with Asus support on this question if there are any Bluetooth driver updates.
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Hi something you may want to check is how its pair. Had a similar problem, when troubleshooting this issue I realized that my laptop had the Neo pair like if it was some kind of phone headset, not Bluetooth headset. After a little looking around I found this settings (this is my work PC so not my laptop settings). Here is were I found that was not pair like an audio oriented headset but more like and phone operator headset (I don’t know how to describe it)

i tried following your stuff. changed every output and input to liberty air but nothing changed. i dont even have any other option under “speaker properties” under “liberty air” except propery

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Today when I get home I will check my settings.