Anker Soundcore Liberty Air left bud

Hello, after some digging I’ve found out that the left bud is connecting to the right one and then to the phone.
I’ve also read that if I reset them, I can actually pair the left one to the phone directly in solo mode also.
Interesting method, I have nothing against it, but since the assistant trigger combo is on the left bud, wouldn’t be better if the right would connect to the left one? (just in case if someone wants to use the assistant in solo mode).
So, finally my question is, is it possible to make the right one connect to the left one and that paired to the phone.
Please spare me of “try it” comments since I’ve had huge problems until I got them synced on first day of use so I wouldn’t touch the connection if I don’t have to.
Thanks in advance, cheers.


Many people have asked and want the earbuds to be left master and the right slave, but sadly that is not how Anker made them.

As far as pairing them separately to the phone, it has been hit or miss for many people who tried but mostly miss. Also doing this disconnects the earbuds from one another and needs to be reset in order for them to sync together again which in itself can be a headache for some people and just not worth it.

Now if you want try independent use if your earbuds, the Liberty Neo earbuds allow independent pairing and use to your phone, one benefit of this is if your phone has Bluetooth 5.0 and dual audio, you can pair each earbud to your phone for stereo use and get a longer battery life


I would rather have the left be the master as well. Because I hear better out of my right ear, it allows me to hear what’s going around me better.

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That’s what the balance adjuster is for!

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Who wants left master? I’ve seen requests of making both master but how’s left master better than right?

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People who it want to use the left earbud over the right. On Twitter and their Facebook page many have asked for the left to be the controller because they prefer it that way. I personally always use just the right earbud so it works for me the way it is

If I were to buy these, I would prefer right as master as well because it’s easier for me while I’m driving. I can’t seem to use earbuds in my left ear while I drive maybe it’s cause I live in US and sit in the left of the car

my idea is based on the situation if the user wants to use it in solo mode and wants to access the assistant …
now i don’t know which is easier; change the master - slave role or change the touch keymap.
won’t happen anyways on this version. i just hope the devs listen on feedbacks and the air 2 will be a perfect product.
i swear every feature of this product has a big BUT part …

I have no idea why the car seating position is relevant to you, but I couldn’t also use just the left one while driving. Our brain may be weird.

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It just feels weird blocking my left ear because most of what’s going on the road comes to my left ear. Maybe it’s because I have older car and the insulation isn’t like new ones :man_shrugging:t2: