Anker Soundcore Liberty Air after 3 weeks of usage

Hello all,
Was wondering;
-it’s ultra hard to set them up on first day, they don’t find each other easily. (this happens maybe if the battery dies while in deposit?)
-after initial setup, the right earpiece has to be taken out from the box first, and then (after the bootup-ish and connected-ish sounds are done) the left one, otherwise only the right one will connect to the phone like 70% of the times.
-if the battery of the case dies before the earbuds batteries, the buds will connect back to the phone and while everything is in your pocket (phone and ankers) the list of things being sabotaged is too long to write down here.
-don’t want to point out Lew’s (unboxtherapy) vid when they had second thoughts about the mic’s in call quality, but I keep being asked to switch to my laptop array mic or phone mic when on a call very often.
could someone confirm the above? i’m thinking of returning them because of those …
Too bad, the sound is incredible and amazing.
The build quality is premium.
The brand is pretty legit and innovative.
Thanks in advance, have a nice day.

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I reported one of you issues already, and have contacted Soundcore customer service regarding it

No comments from Anker though

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I guess that’s the proximity sensors job on the airpods … since the battery is dead in the case, they automatically “assume” they’re out of the box because there is no voltage on the charging pins and i bet anker forgot to implement when the pins get shorted they should stay off because they’re in the case (hence the no response, someone forgot something in the r&d department).


I have yet to see this issue

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Hmmm, hopefully this is an isolated issue to certain number of Liberty Airs… Hope your issues get resolved


I have 2 pairs of liberty airs and both correctly shuts down after a few min out of case.


how come they shut down out of case? you turn off the bluetooth on your paired device(s)?

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if you take them out of case and don’t pair with the device. They will shut down in a min or so. you just touch the touchpad once and keep touching and they will turn on again.

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no offence but are you aware that the scenario you’ve provided isn’t relevant for the actual bug right?

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When the charging case fully discharges then this scenario will come into play. That means the buds should turn off automatically. If it is not doing that, then there is some defect in the item. It may be an isolated event, I don’t know. Did anyone hear back from Anker?

they turn on, since their charging is off, because the case has no juice left in it and they will connect to the paired device(s), why is it so hard to understand?

I guess you have a faulty pair, Check with Anker support regarding this issue.

That’s what I’m waiting for, (and many others as I see).

I think you have not understood at all the issue here.

The scenario we are all talking about is that when the case fully discharges, the buds will turn on automatically, they pair to the last known device if within reach (i.e. your phone) and will stay connected until they run out of battery.

The scenario that you are mentioning is the case where the case fully discharges, the buds turn on automatically, then they cannot pair with any devices because your last paired device is not within reach, and ONLY THEN they will turn off automatically after a minute or so of not being connected.

The issue at hand here is that if the case fully discharges while at home or at the office the buds will pair to the last paired device which, by 95% probability will be within reach because you were using them with your phone or laptop.

I hope this better clarifies the issue and why you are not talking about the use case at hand.

I do understand the issue. The main question is why the buds turn on when the case is discharged. I’m going to try to replicate this issue by fully discharging my case.
Logically even when the case is fully discharged it should in theory still act as a load to the buds (even if they are not charging) and thus keep them from turning on.
Give me some time, I’ll get back with more info after I see this issue.

Well, I reproduce the issue every week because I always forget to charge the case.

It’s kind of an alarm to me now. If I’m at home and my phone doesn’t produce any sound, I check the status bar and I see headphones randomly connected to it… I then know that my Liberty Air’s case needs a charge :joy::joy::joy:

if your unit is faulty then sure you will see this everytime.

Why don’t you email support and get them replaced? When I had a faulty battery on my earbuds, I emailed Anker support and they replaced the earbuds within a week

I don’t think its a faulty battery causing his problem, just the fact that they connect to his phone once the battery case dies.

Case may be faulty. should check with support.