anker soundcore liberty air 2 left earbud not charging to full

I just bought the liberty air 2 and the left earbud will never charge to full. I tried with the case open and closed and nothing seems to work.
The right one was charged fully just fine. The left one just will not.
May i get some support?

Is it charging at all? If so, how much charge is it getting?

I would make sure the contacts are clean, and maybe try applying a little pressure to the left to see if that helps make better contact with the case.

@mo.farouk99 as suggested by @Matt_Tabor I would check your contacts are clean / free from debris. It might also be worth trying a reset of the buds before trying another full charge.

If cleaning / reset fails to resolve try reaching out to with your troubleshooting steps taken and the serial / purchase date for assistance under your warranty.

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