Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 - Left earbud is not working properly

Recently I’ve updated the firmware of my Liberty Air 2 earbuds. However, the update failed to install completely. And now, the left earbud is not working properly. When I open the case, even the left earbud’s white light is not blinking. It works occasionally but fails to works most of the time and it is very annoying. I tried resetting them but the issue is still there. Can someone please help me with this issue?

I would try to reset the earbuds first and see if this fixes it

then after the reset, you could probably try updating the firmware again. I would make sure the earbuds are fully charged as well as the device you are using for the update in order to try to prevent issues in the update if either dies.

Hi ktkundy,
Thanks for your reply. I tried resetting the earbuds as you suggested. After the reset, I put them back in the case. About an hour later again the left earbud is not working (or charging). It seems like this solution is not working in my case.

@khpiyumantha if the issue is due to a recent firmware update and the reset fails to resolve I would suggest reaching out to with your issue, serial no and purchase date so they can assist you under the product warranty.


Thank you for the response. I’ll try to reach them.

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No problem, hope you get things sorted quickly :slightly_smiling_face:

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I would agree if the reset didn’t solve it might be an issue with their latest firmware update in which case support would be the best thing to do. Give them a couple days to respond especially sometimes there is a time difference

Thank you for the response. I’ve send an email for support.

I got Liberty Air 2 last August as a gift. Love them, working great until now. Changed to Comply eartips.

After 11 months, the left earbud has stopped working. Doesn’t seem to be charging.
When I put both of them in the case, right one has a solid light. Left one has a blinking white light, then a red light, then nothing.
I am trying to charge them with case open and upright so I have good connection.


Clean the pins in the case and buds using isopropyl alcohol.