Anker SoundCore Liberty Air 2 - Connection Concern

I’m new to the Anker community and airbud world. I consider myself tech savvy but I’ve noticed a really annoying connection glitch or issue that I can’t figure out with these earbuds.

Connected w/no problem.

Downloaded SoundCore app and am using one of the “experts” EQ settings. Haven’t taken the time to create my own EQ yet, but will soon.
Still trying to figure out if these are suitable for all varieties of music, metal, strings, rock, EDM, etc.

The issue is when I turn my head left or right or back, while listening to music, the right earbud sounds like it’s an old guitar plugged into an old amp with loose metal plating and it cuts in and out, and all I’m doing is turning my head. I’ve tried it while driving and while sitting in a chair, it does it EVERY single time.

I know these aren’t $300 earbuds, but man, what gives? I have to sit perfectly straight and not move for that not to happen?

It’s not an EQ problem, and surely it’s not Bluetooth related… iPhone XR

Ankerites, chime in please!

Sounds like broken earbuds to me. You should try to reset just in case it’s some sort of software issue. Use the video below to do the reset. If the issue still continues, reach out to support at


Eliminate the device as an issue if @Shivam_Shah suggestion does not work. Reset them and connect to a different device and try again to see if it does the same. If you did the second device as the same brand as the first (ie apple ), I would say to do an Android device as well.

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Is your phone typically in your pocket when this happens? If so, try placing your phone in the other pocket.
I believe the right earbud is the primary earbud for the Liberty Air 2, so if you carry your phone in your left pocket, it’s enough distance to cause some blips in the Bluetooth connection. The human body is mostly made of water, and water is the kryptonite of Bluetooth signals. If you increase the amount of water between the earbud and your phone, it can cause a temporary disconnect as you noted.

It now sounds great! I changed the tips to the + tips, and it’s 100% gone and the earbuds sound so much better!

Still trying to get the EQ right though. Just created a post about EQ for Noobs

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