Anker soundcore liberty 2 pro left earbuds not working

Hi I’m having an Anker liberty 2pro but when I put it back in the case the left earbuds won’t turning off.I factory reset it already but it’s still the same.

Check for debris in the case and on the pins in the case and the buds.

Check the bud fully inserted, especially if you swapped the rubber ear seals for larger as they can tend to push up the bud.

The factory reset process won’t work if the buds are not fully seated on the pins as the reset message goes through the pins.

It’s fully inserted
And the factory reset is working cause I see the red light from both of them

Looks therefore most likely a fault.

Quote order details for proof of purchase, serial number printed on case, attach photos and what you’ve attemped already. It’s Friday now so expect response Monday.