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This speaker is really good!
no seriously, turning it up to the max, the bass chumps and the songs are still clear and doesn’t sound over bearing .

Great packaging and nice design.
crystal clear audio experience, the Bluetooth strength is also quite good.
The buttons are also nice and very clicky which makes for easy pressing especially when fiddling around with it in the dark.

my speaker did fall into the pool but it continued playing perfectly.

I took the speaker on a hike as well and the group was a staggered pace me somewhere in the middle with the speaker and hikers at both ends could hear clearly.

my only issue is the battery life. the box states 12 hours playback time but im getting about 4-5 hours and the speaker get really hot! not sure is this is a issue with my speaker tho.


Review looks good! And the pictures are nice as well :+1:.

So is the battery dying after 4-5hrs, or is it just getting too hot?

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“So is the battery dying after 4-5hrs, or is it just getting too hot?”
both actually… after about 20 mins of playing at about 75% loudness you can feel the device getting warm.

Most speaker times are rated with the speaker at around 50-55%. And it all depends on the type of music you listen to. At any rate was the speaker fully charged when play time only lasted 4 to 5 hours?

I had the Motion Q and that turned out to only last 2 hours and j had to get it replaced. Anker was quick to replace it, and the replacement last much longer. So it may be worth reaching out to and get their take on it. @AnkerTechnical @AnkerSupport care to chime in?


Thanks for the review!!

Nice review ! :ok_hand:

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Good review!

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Good review and photos @shaunrdavis :thumbsup:

Seconding what @Tank mentioned, most battery times on speakers are rated from a lower volume but even at 75% I would not expect the speaker to become overly warm, unless that ambient temp around you is also quite warm (so taking overall temp above the optimal operating range).

As mentioned it might be worth shooting an email with your battery and temp experiences to get their input on whether this would be considered ‘normal’


Good Review, Thanks For Share!

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Nice review!

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