Anker Soundcore Icon produces sound from one side only. Is that normal?

I bought a new Anker Soundcore Icon lately. I noticed that when I stick it to my ear from one side I could hear the sound coming out of the speakers. But that does not happen from the other side (I can tell the sound is coming only from the other side). Is that how it was designed? I am worried that the Soundcore Icon I purchased might be broken and I should replace it. the symmetric design gives me an impression that it should produce sound from both sides.

I don’t mind if it was designed like that. It’s already loud enough. So should I contact my vendor?

Hi @she3sha3y5 to my knowledge the drivers are only present on one side, so you will get a larger audio presence on one side with bass / audio emanating more from the rear.


I agree with @ndalby the few times I’ve played with an icon I noticed it only came from one side. I’m still planning to buy a couple of these to put on my kayak or have them near me when I’m working out on the property. They sound good for their design and size.