Anker Soundcore Flare Plus poor sound quality

I recently received a soundcore flare plus for Christmas. It is honestly the best speaker I have ever had, but I ran into a problem that I am unable to fix. I use the speaker constantly with my computer to listen to music and for gaming, except the speaker suddenly began to produce poor quality sound when playing anything on my computer, this includes Spotify, youtube, etc. It’s not horrible, but it’s a clear and annoying difference, as it now sounds like a 30 dollar budget speaker compared to what it was. I thought it was a low battery, so I charged it even though it was still at 30 percent, which should be plenty of power. When that didn’t work, I tried everything from moving to different areas of the house and restarting my computer and speaker. What makes this issue especially mind-boggling is the fact that it still works splendously with my phone. Everything played from my phone to my speaker still sounds like the Flare plus I came to love. Does anybody have any suggestions? I have a 2019 HP Spectre, so it shouldn’t have problems like this, but it seems like it is the computer. Should I contact HP? I already contacted Anker. I really want to fix this because I listen to the majority of my music on my computer.

Try the stuff I wrote in this. Make sure it’s using “Stereo” setting. If it’s a different problem, let us know

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Check the Soundcore app and see if there is an update for the speaker, maybe it helps