Anker Soundcore Flare Mini - won't connect via Bluetooth, not recognized via USB by app to update firmware

Hello, my Soundcore Flare Mini no longer connects via Bluetooth and it also will not connect via USB to update the firmware via the Software Update Utility. I connect it to my PC via USB (have also tried holding down the Bluetooth button as per the PDF instructions) but it will not recognize that it is connected - the “Next Step” button remains greyed out. I am at a loss for what to do next and right now my speaker is an expensive paperweight. Any help would be appreciated.

I’d reset it.

I think it’s press hold the power button.

Does it connect to other devices?
First do a reset.
delete the speaker from the bt list.
And try a connection.

Also try a different cable

It connects to one device but not to any others, even devices it used to connect to. I have deleted the speaker from device lists of the things it used to connect to, and the speaker isn’t recognized when I try with those devices. I’ve tried a few cables to connect for updating the firmware.

For the reset, it seemed to reset when I held down power but nothing changed with it - it still doesn’t show on any of the devices and still won’t connect for the firmware update on both my computers.

Seems to be defective.
You should contact the soundcore’s support.
Is it still under warranty?

Could be a dud unit, but more likely is there is a connection you have you either forgot or it’s not actually deleted it’s pairing.

The speaker and the device you are trying to connect with far far away from everything else, and then try.

The Flare Mini reset seems to be press and hold power for many seconds.

Definitely send it back