Anker Soundcore Flare is stuttering when using bluetooth

Works perfectly fine when using an AUX cable. If I happen to use bluetooth, it stutters every 2 seconds sometimes and it really pisses my mom off, enough to use a 20$ bluetooth speaker over the soundcore flare.

Using a Samsung Galaxy S6 with Spotify 99% of the time.

No microwaves in the area, just a chromecast on our TV.

I’m very sorry you are having this issue.’I haven’t experienced any issues at all with my flare. You should be sure that @AnkerOfficial hears of this issue.

1)forgetting the speaker in the Bluetooth settings then 2)clear the cache in the Bluetooth application settings then
3)do a fresh repair.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Also make sure your flare is up to date on it’s for ware. Check the Soundcore app for firmware update


I did forget the soundcore flare and a couple of other bluetooth apps and went to clear the cache but I had no cache under all of the bluetooth apps in my apps. I repaired my phone with the soundcore flare and my mom instantly complained of the music going up and down in volume. I’ve got hearing loss so it’s harder for me to tell, lol.


I was not aware there was firmware updates for the soundcore flare. I thought the app was to just pair multiple speakers together and control the lights, etc. I will have to try that next. My mom doesn’t want me messing with it right now, she’s in “cleaning mode.”

If anyone else has any more ideas to try I’m open to them and I’ll let y’all know if the firmware update works or not.

Well I’m stumped. Shoot soundcore an email

Seems like the firmware update has fixed it.

Awesome :slight_smile: