Anker Soundcore Earbuds Shutoff In Dry Sauna

I have a brand new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. I just bought the Anker Soundcore Life P2 True Wireless Earbuds. I use them at my gym while my phone is in my right pocket. I noticed that when I go into the dry sauna, the buds shut off after about 5 minutes. Others in the dry sauna never have that problem. This is my first pair of wireless buds so I’m in a learning curve but can’t figure out if it’s the heat that shuts them off or something else. When I put the buds in my ear, I usually put the left in first and hear the chime as it turns on then the right and same chime as it turns on. Any ideas on why they shut off are appreciated.


What buds, what phone.

Without you giving a full detailed set of everything, we can guess badly.

The common situation in gyms is:

  • you have kept the phone on the opposite side your body from the buds.
  • there is a lot of interference in the area from other devices
  • you are moving, producing static and adds even more interference.


  • you have an old phone operating bluetooth 4.2
  • you have newer buds on BT 5
  • with most Anker buds, when connecting to BT 4.2 the right bud is the master, the left bud is the slave and you kept your phone not on your right side.