Anker Soundcore Boost Volume Troubles

Hello I’ve been occurring this real annoying issue with my Anker Soundcore Boost. My phone can no longer control the volume of the speaker after the first few minutes of it being turned on. I see the volume slider and I can turn it up and down but it has no affect on the speakers volume. Only after touching a volume button on the speaker will my phones volume control work. It’s really annoying as at times it’ll be boot up and be on max volume but I won’t be able to turn it down using my phone until pressing a volume key on the speaker itself which is sometimes an inconvenience as I’ve left the room in which the speaker is in.

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Hey @Kingpin_TBM
I have the Boost and love it.
Ive read about resetting the speaker and hopefully this will work for you.

Soft reset - pressing and the power button for 4-5 seconds while the Boost is off.

Hard reset - pressing and holding the power and bass up button, i think, for about 5-7 seconds.

Also you could try unpairing and forgetting the speaker on your phone and reconnecting.

Let us know if that helps.

Sorry for the late response, no unfortunately none of those things has worked. I guess I now find it less annoying as I’ve gotten used to it but it still upsets me at times as my older anker speaker never had any issues.

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Thats a shame @Kingpin_TBM
I’ve taken a look at my phone to see if there are any bluetooth settings but there doesn’t appear to be.
Might be worth a look and see if your phone has any power settings - battery saving/sleep settings etc that could be causing it?
It’s certainly odd.
You could reach out to to see of they have any opinions on the mater.