Anker Soundcore Boost (20W) keeps turning itself back on

Have just purchased the Anker Soundcore Boost. When I pree the power button it switches off and the blue light goes out however after about 30secs the unit turns itself back on.

How can I stop it from doing this? Or is this a fault?

Thank you

Hi @harrycoleman , from what you’ve described it sounds like it could be a defective speaker. Does this behaviour also occur if you have a device connected via an aux cable and/or while the device is connected to the mains and charging?

As you have just purchased I would advise either contacting for additional troubleshooting steps which could be provided or to arrange a replacement via Anker directly or your point of purchase (Amazon etc). Including your place of purchase and serial when contacting Anker can help speed up the process.

Thanks very much. I will try that.

@harrycoleman Sorry to know you have a problem with the speaker. From the description, the speaker should be defective. We are happy to help you with the exchange. We also contacted you through the email and please find our reply in your email :grinning:

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I got exact same problem and it’s really annoying. I got my speaker last week and I’m just going to return it for a replacement. I like the speaker even though the battery life isn’t that great