Anker Soundcore bluettoth speaker delay

Hello everyone,

I am experiencing a really annoying issue on my brand new Anker Bluetooth Speaker (model A3102).
The problem is that, even while connected via aux, the speaker seems to enter “power saving mode” until some audio is reproduced.
The direct consequence is that my speaker always starts to reproduce the audio after about 1/2 seconds the video started (sometimes even after 3 seconds!).
Any idea if this is normal or not? It is really annoying especially when trying to have some Skype conferences with friends: I always loose the first words they say beacuse the speaker does not immediatly reproduce their voices if a short silence period has passed.

Thanks in advance!

It’s normal as it’s trying to conserve it’s battery.

Did you try keeping it plugged into power to see if that reduces it’s power saving?


Yes I tried but still get around 1200ms delay with aux and power plugged in.
Is that delay normal? Or should it be lower?