Anker Soundcore AUX mode

Hi guys, I just received my Anker soundcore and pairing Bluetooth is easy.
However, I can not use the aux mode using an aux cable. I put the speaker in pairing mode (flashing blue), put the cable, connect to my iphone -> no sound (although my phone does recognize the cable). Please help me with this issue

Hi @Nam_Hung, try plugging in the AUX cable while the SoundCore is paired to your phone (do not put the speaker in pairing mode). When it detects the cable, the speaker should automatically switch to AUX mode. Let us know if it works!

HI @TechnicallyWell, thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately, it does not work. When I choose the source as Bluetooth, it works like a charm. When I change to headphone, still no sound comes out from the speaker. I think there is a problem with the aux port since the cable functions normally.

Sorry it’s not working! One other thing to check is to make sure the volume is turned up on your AUX source. If you still have no luck, please reach out to and they’ll get you squared away.

Hey hi I brought anker soundcore mini and I was happy with its quality of sound but from last 4 days when I connect it is connecting but there is no more sound every time it connects but no sound can you please help me…


Hi @Mohammed_Ahmed_Ali2 , a few questions;

  • do you get a startup sound from the speaker
  • is sound issue your having from bluetooth or aux
  • if connecting via bluetooth, have you tried forgetting your connection and then pair your device again?

I have had a somewhat similar issue with my Anker Soundcore Boost. I have an old desktop computer and my speakers i were using were trash because there was interference coming thru the speakers from some unknown source. Anyways…wanted to use my Anker speaker with my desktop which isn’t equipped with bluetooth so my only option was using the aux input. Plug in the aux cord from the computer to the speaker and…nothing at all! Then i discovered if i also connected the speaker to the usb port on the front of my computer then Boom IT WORKS FINE. disconnect either the usb or the aux and no sound at all. But it works perfectly when both Aux and Usb are connected to my desktop simultaneously.

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If using a phone or ipad with a case, it’s worth removing the case to check that the 3.5mm cable is fully inserted!

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I have three of these speakers and the 3.5mm earphone jack has never worked on any of them. I’ve been an engineer for over 20 yrs so I’m pretty sure I can figure out a bluetooth speaker. I’m just wondering when Anker is going to admit that it’s a “ghost feature” that is not really usable. One guy mentioned that his only works if the other end of the charging cord is plugged into his computer’s USB port. I don’t know about anybody else, but that completely defeats the purpose. I don’t need a bluetooth speaker when I can plug directly into my computer’s ear phone jack. I’ve read several of these blogs and it’s ludachrist what I’m reading from these so called “troubleshooters”. It’s all nonsense. The earphone jack simply doesn’t function. Case closed.

Here’s how to get aux port to work. Yes, it absurd. I’ve reproduced it reliably. Its the only way to get it to work reliably. If you’ve never paired it with any bluetooth devices it will work fine out of the box. If you have ever paired anything to it, you have to do this asinine ritual.

To use the aux port:
Step 1 - connect any bluetooth device to the speaker (I told you it was asinine)
Step 2 - plug the aux cable into the desired device
Step 3 - disconnect the bluetooth device.

The speaker will ONLY check the aux port for input immediately after is has been disconnected from a bluetooth device. Nothing else works. If the device is off and you take it with you to use, and you dont have a bluetooth device to connect/disconnect, you can never use the auxport until you do.

The device goes immediately into pairing mode when powered on 100% of the time. There is no way to prevent or stop this. There is no way abort this process, IT MUST CONNECT TO SOMETHING before you can “turn off” bluetooth. Its appallingly poor design.

I tried that. Nothing.

I bought the Motion+ and am trying to connect to the Q35s to hear through the speaker. This is probably laughable but, I am an aspiring audiophile and really want to learn about how the cables, jacks, music production work. I think I understand as far as these particular cables go, but when neither of the 3 different ways - plugging in the aux only, plugging in USB-C to USB-C and plugging in both simultaneously (connected to and not connected to Bluetooth included) - don’t work, I am discouraged.

Why won’t the AUX work? It’s unfathomable that soundcore (is “soundcore” supposed to be lowercased?) slash Anker would include this as an special feature. 🫤