Anker SoundCore Arc Review

I’ve had the Anker Soundcore Arc for over a week now and I can say that I am fairly impressed. I’ve used the “winged” design before with other Bluetooth headphones and I do enjoy having the freedom to bend and shape the “wing” (part that goes behind your ear). I find these comfortable and quite functional, although I do seem to prefer the design that locks into the ridges inside of my ear better. These just feel a little more bulky, but it’s truly a matter of personal preference. You’re given the normal array of tips and different size pieces that allow for a personalized fit. In fact, it seems that is one of the main purposes of the Soundcore Arc; to give you a highly personalized fit that is fully customized to your desired fit.

In my pictures you’ll see all of the adjustable pieces and I demonstrate to the degree that the wings can be bent. They hold their shape very well. The metal rod that is in the wing extends a little over halfway through the rubber which allows for the rubber to have reduced pressure on the back of the ear. Think of glasses that are adjustable, but have about a half an inch of rubberized nonadjustable material on the very end of the legs.

These sound as typical Anker earbuds sound. They have very good noise isolation and have a solid bass profile. I wouldn’t say that these are the most balanced soundstage, but for active use where someone would be looking earbuds that have a solid fit and that are water-resistant; the soundstage is fairly well-balanced. I don’t find that many runners, or crossfit users complain about bass-forward sound, or missing subtle sounds when actively moving. That being said, I also do not want to give the impression that these disappoint with their sound. But those looking for $150+ sound out of these might be somewhat disappointed. However, these will not disappoint otherwise in this area.

I find that the battery lasts right around the 10-11 hour mark. I used these multiple times, but never for 10 hours straight, so with constant use; the battery time may not be quite 10-11 hours. These have the typical Anker sound volume/track skip buttons, and charging port that is on this module. Calls that came through were clear and the persons on the other end had no difficulty hearing me clearly as well.

Overall, I’m very happy with these, but I think I just prefer the designs that don’t go behind your ear. One word of caution; while you can adjust these in many ways, I would caution with adjusting them in an overly tight manner behind your ears if you are doing rigorous activities such as running or repetitive motions. With non-adjustable wings, they have a bit more flexibility that allows for less rubbing on your ears. These feel good being tightly attached, but just be aware that you may want to adjust them somewhat during activities to prevent any rubbing or reduced comfort if wearing for long periods of time. This is not a deal breaker in anyway! I recommend these and believe their unique ability to adjust, is an amazing feature!


Thanks for your review and great pictures. You mentioned you wish the wings would lock into your ear better, if yo uh have any of Ankers other headphones that use similar earwings, you can always swap them over…this is what I did with mine because I had lost one of them when my backpack ripped. It ended up being for the better and they hold much nicer in my ears now

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great review and nice pictures! :muscle:

Good job with the review. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience. :slight_smile:

Good job on the review & pic’s @dctalk222 , thanks for sharing :thumbsup:

Thanks for sharing. I’m not a big fan of the style of earbuds but with the adjustable hooks might help make them more comfortable. For an active lifestyle the in-ear hooks or the behind the ear hooks are a must.

Whats the longest you wore them? Did they start to hurt after a long period of time?

I know I’m not the OP, but I have worn mine for 10+ hours before and even forgot i had them on still when I got off work. Very comfortable

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Thanks for sharing your experience. I use to do that when I worked overnights at Home Depot.

Well, that’s exactly what I do, I work overnights for Home Depot :laughing:

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I’m sorry, I wasn’t meaning that these fit me incorrectly, just that I prefer the other design personally. These are highly adjustable and were not uncomfortable in any manner. :slight_smile: I was able to swap out things and they fit perfectly well for me! It’s just a personal preference with the other style. I wear glasses too, so that may be a factor for me too, but the adjustment that these offer give me a lot more freedom!

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I wore these for about two hours, but I did not use these to go running. I have another set that I use that I’m in a routine with. But I didn’t experience any discomfort during this time. My concern was more of just a word of caution for anyone that may not be used to having something rub during high intensity/long workouts/exercises. I have friends that sometimes have to be careful with designs like this when they do marathons or 50k races because the repetitive nature of running sometimes can rub skin in certain areas of the body. I wasn’t really concerned, just was mentioning it in case anyone hadn’t thought of it. Often when running, when you start to notice areas of your skin becoming raw; it’s often too late! LOL! Chaffing is not a runner’s friend!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hey we both wear glasses :laughing: it’s all good, I get where your coming from


Thanks for sharing your review and pictures @dctalk222! Great job!

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Thank you for your First Topic in the community!
This is the newest headphones right now! I’m glad to see more people give us feedback just like you!

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great review and great pictures nice job

Thanks for the review! I was always a fan of the earphones that looped over the ears since I have big ears it helps keep them in place.

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The bluetooth connection to my Moto Z phone drops out as I am walking around. Why is this happening?

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It could be signal interference from surrounding wifi or other electrical interference. But, it usually comes down to where you have your phone and how its placed, same thing goes for the type of case you have on your phone as some cases will limit or block the signal in certain directions.
On my old Motorola Moto X Pure, if I kept my phone in my left back pocket I couldnt bend down or lean down as it would cut my bluetooth signal. And this happened regardless of I use bluetooth headphones or speakers. It al
so happened more often when my batteries started to get low as the signal wouldn’t transmit as far.