Anker soundcore arc bluetooth earbuds

anyone have a hard time with the volume on the earbuds? I can’t even mow with mine as the volume is to low and have to use corded headphones. I am pretty certain there is nothing i can do about it.

What phone are you using? And have you tried deleting the bluetooth profile and repairing them?

As Rob mentioned, pleasen tell us the type of phone and which bluetooth protocol is used at the phone. A screenshot could be helpful.

First off have you tried the headphones with another device?

I know this is going to sound silly but are you sure the volume is all the way up on both your phone and the headphones?

Some headphones are able to control the volume independently from your phone, say your phone is set to 20% volume and your headphones are at 100% or vice versa while other headphones are able to take over volume control and sync both the headphone and phone volume together so you only have one volume control not two.

I actually had this problem earlier today with a set of headphones that I had not used in a while. After resetting the headphones the problem was still present turns out the volume on my phone was turned all the way up but the headphones were at 60 to 70% volume, took me a minute to figure out.

Hope this helps

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Are these 4.2 or 5? If either of these, the phone can control the volume… On Android 8+

Go to developer settings, it’s in there.


Mac is talking about “disable absolute volume”

Developer Settings is disabled by default but you can enable it by going to setrings>about phone>softwear info>then tap the build number about 7 times. developer setting will show up on the main settings page.

Once you have enabled developer settings scroll down to the network section in developer settings and disable absolute volume hopefully this solves your problem.

Took too much for granted that people knew how to get developer settings! Oops.

Remind me not to hire you to write any instruction manuals :crazy_face:

I can write instruction manuals very well :+1:.


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