Anker Soundcore 2 volume issue

Hi there!

I have a question on my anker soundcore 2 every time I’m playing some music the volume will go up by itself without controlling it. Please help me if there some solutions to it. Thank you!

or maybe it’s needed to update the firmware. I’m used different phones for testing but same result. The volume will go up and I can’t control the increase of the volume.

I do not have it but that seems kinda wild.

I figure if somebody has it, they may want to know if they are android or IOS or another OS.

Is it new or an older one? Does it seem to be random or is is during a specific action. Newer phones or older phones?

I would probably update the firmware if it is able to be done. Not sure if it is losing connection to the phones if it would do that but overall, I would probably check with the service department and they most likely can do a replacement if the firmware does not help fix it.

I’m using my iPhone 6s on connecting in my anker soundcore 2. While I’m playing some music the soundcore 2 control the voice control on my iphone then that the time the volume goes up. I already messaged the amazon regarding it because I bought it last January 2020.