Anker SoundCore 2 sound issue

Hello All,
I recently got a Anker SoundCore 2 and like it so far.
But there is one big issue. I keep hearing a static noise like “bzzzzz” sound along with the actual audio whenever I play audio through it.
Is it normal?

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it sure is not normal. Please contact anker support via email and get a replacement.

Hi @Aravindhan_Vadivel1, sorry to hear your having issues with your SoundCore 2. Couple of questions;

  • does the buzzing occur when no music is played?
  • does it occur when playing via aux connection?
  • have you tried unpairing and pairing your BT device again and/or tried another BT device?

If you’ve tried the above already and the issue is still present I would reach out to with your serial number, purchase date and location for a warranty support claim.

Hi @ndalby,
The buzzing occurs only when sound is played.
Tried AUX and the same issue.
Yes I tried using different bluetooth devices and the result is the same