Anker Soundcore 2 Portable Speaker (1st Review)

Here are my thoughts of using Anker Soundcore 2 Portable Speaker! :grin:

I won this speaker from the Christmas Event last year and it’s my go-to speaker!

I wanted to leave a review and here it goes!

Sound - The sound is excellent for its size it packs a nice punch, and I usually listen with the volume at about halfway and it’s great even then! I usually listen when I’m in the shower and the sound is still able to clearly get through the water.

I got a phone call once while showering and picked up to talk and while speaking I asked how it sounded and they just said “like your on speakerphone” and even noted they don’t hear the water. Although while I was hearing them they were extremely low and I had to hold the speaker like a phone to hear them.

Waterproof - I would say it’s solid, I haven’t submerged it in water. Although it is supported by IPX5 water-resistant rating. But I have let the water run on it and sit on it if I want to change a song while showering and it’s not affected at all. Its material makes it very easy to wipe water right off it and make it look as good as new :slight_smile:

Portability - dimensions 6.5 inches (16.51 cm) length and 1.5 inches (3.81 cm) wide. It 's not ideally pocket-sized but it’s definitely something that you can put in your bag and adventure with!

Battery - AMAZING - I have used this since every day since I’ve got it around early January this year and I’ve only charged it TWICE over the course of 6.5 months TWICE! I usually use it like 20-25 minutes a day so of course, the battery will carry, but still great I can jam and not worry about battery life :smile:

I had a previous completely different Bluetooth speaker and I had to charge it much more frequently and couldn’t speak on it either the water noise would get picked up.

Connecting - It’s fast and easy once you go to settings then Bluetooth it always remembers your device so you never have to worry again about connecting, after turning it on your device will connect in only like 15 seconds to connect to my iPhone and that’s not the quickest in my opinion, that’s still good. Supports Bluetooth 4.2 which is is good for up to 66ft.

Price - Currently on Amazon it is $40USD

Here’s the US Amazon link to it if your interested in purchasing it out and or reading other reviews.

Great for Music and Talking!! Definitely something to get for yourself or a great gift for family and friends!

Hope ya’ll enjoyed this read!


Good made, nice photos.
Enjoy the Sunday with that speaker!

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Very good 1st review @daniel.r.mcavoy thanks for sharing!

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Thank you @Chiquinho!

I hope you enjoy your weekend as well!

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Thank you @ndalby!

Happy to share! :grinning:

Great review @daniel.r.mcavoy glad you love it, it’s well reviewed.

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Awesome review.
This forum is brilliant for product reviews.

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You did a good job on the review

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Great review!! :clap:

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Loved :purple_heart:your review

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Good review :ok_hand:

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Great review seems perfect as a shower speaker


I agree perfect for showering :+1:

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Thanks! I’m happy you like it :slight_smile: