Anker Soundcore 2 pairing

I have recently purchased 2 sound core 2 speakers ( they are fine) but I cannot pair them together - any suggestions?

Hi @sean19500 were your Soundcore 2 speakers listed as the upgraded models at the time of purchase as only the upgraded model can connect together for wireless stereo?


Hi there,
Yes both speakers listed as ‘upgraded’ (mod edit: removed personal information -TW). It’s not very clear from the youtube clips I’ve looked at, but is the bluetooth light supposed to change from flashing blue to steady white? mine doesn’t.


Hi @sean19500 try the following to pair

  1. Turn on both speakers
  2. Press the BT button on both speakers until you have a rapid flashing light on both
  3. Allow 5-10 seconds for the two speakers to detect each other and connect, normally signaled by a beep.

The primary (master) speaker (to pair a device to) will have a flashing blue LED and the secondary (slave) unit will have a solid blue light.


Hi there, Its working!! Great, thanks for your help. Is there a maximum distance between speakers?


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Glad to hear things are now working!

Distance should follow the normal BT standard of up to 15m (excluding obstructions such as walls etc.). Would try to keep them in the 5m range however to make the most of your sound.

Give that man a Q&A thread reassignment and a solution!

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Should be the normal bluetooth distance.
But if these speakers are connected in stereo mode it doesnt make sense to place these too far from each other.

If I read the FCC report correctly:

The source transmits to both speakers.

So it’s the distance from both speakers to the source (e.g. phone) it is not like you’re daisy-chaining and it’s distance from source to master and then master to slave, it’s distance from source to master and source to slave which is important.

No the issue is these speakers are moving between all the bluetooth channels so would cause interference to anything else in bluetooth range.