Anker Soundcore 2 or Soundcore motion b?

I have been wondering, which one of these speakers has the better audio capabilities. But I myself don’t have both speakers. So i would like to ask of those of you that can compare these two, to give some feedback

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I have soundcore 2, and I think the sound is good.

It’s plenty loud enough for a SMALL house party in 1 room (8-10 guests). The bass is reasonable, but only 12w, you won’t be disturbing the neighbors, or even kids upstairs!

With soundcore 2, you can link 2 together either with Bluetooth, or even use a Y mini jack lead from the sound source… Mobile phone?

Always remembered, FULL volume from your device, and control volume from the spkr/s

I do the precise opposite:

Full volume speaker, volume control by the source.

How do others handle this?

I do that on headphones, as a lot easier to do, esp as most headphone controls are fiddly.

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So it’s a “better handling” only and has no technical reasons?

I prefer control the volume at the laptop so there is no need to touch the speaker and searching the knobs.


Crossed wires…

When using spkrs it’s best to have the source at max/high volume (in other words a stronger signal, and the source is the pre-amp). When needing to control the sound volume, it’s better (really for sound quality) to turn down the spkrs. Plus with speakers having large/r drivers, they need a better source.

For headphones, be wise they distort a lot more easily, it’s better to max out the volume on the headphones, and turn down on source. This would give you a fuller sound. Mainly due to the drivers being so much smaller and more sensitive.

This is what I’ve found works best, from years as working as a sound technician… Whether there is any “science” to this, I don’t know?

It’s like, when using microphones. You keep them at the lowest possible gain, to still capture all the sound, and dulation of voice, without any distortion. Otherwise, as soon as the person goes for it, you’ll be rushing to lower the gain and change any tone settings.

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I have both. Can’t go wrong either way.

What I like about Motion B is you can pair two speakers together for “surround sound.” I like having two speakers in different parts of the house while I’m cleaning.


You are still cleaning by yourself?
What about EUFY RoboVac?:joy:


HA! I have a Roomba, but sadly it doesn’t scrub toilets, sinks, counters, dust, etc.

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What are Rosie’s skills?
But there might be some secrets! I know. :joy:

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I’d recommend trying out the Tribit. Not a lot of stuff beats Anker in price/quality but this does.