Anker Soundcore 2 low phone call volume

I recently bought a Soundcore 2, my issue is phone calls. The speaker plays music great but when i answer a phone call the volume drops very low and i cannot raise the volume back up. I have an iphone 7 and the volume is less than the speaker on my iphone.

I have tried un-paring and repairing the Soundcore 2 also restarted the iphone but the phone sound volume didnt get any better.

Am i missing something what can i try next? thanks for you help

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Have you tried adjusting the settings and volume for bluetooth kn your phone? As it is separate from your phones volume, also adjust the volume on the speaker itself too

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Also try a hard reset on your phone

To force restart (hard reset) the iPhone 7, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button + Volume Down button for 10 seconds

As @elmo41683 mentioned, your iPhone maintains a separate volume for phone calls per Bluetooth device.
To adjust the volume, you need to:

  1. Press the volume keys on your iPhone…
  2. during an active phone call…
  3. while connected to the speaker.