Anker Soundcore 2 low "hissing" noise

Hello, there!

Recently bought the soundcore 2 throught Anker in AliExpress, and I can say that I’m definitely satisfied with the sound and battery life. The speaker “feels” very well build and easy to carry at the same time! However, I started noticing a hiss noise when I’m very close to the speaker, specially when the volume is at ~80-90%, that stops 2 seconds after whenever I pause the device.

Is that a problem or just a normal “white noise” produced by its own hardware? Or maybe it’s a firmware problem? Doesn’t matter if its AUX or BT, or even if it’s paired with my notebook or my iphone, it’s still there creeping on me, lol. Thoughts? Ideas?


You really can stand that volume and being near to the speaker?

A little bit of hissing is quite normal.
Some hear and and are complaining, some don’t hear so there is no complaint.

A remote diagnosis is quite difficult.

Hello @and-mat

Glad you are enjoying the speaker.
I have a similar model (Soundcore Boost 20w) and i get the same.
Its only quiet when music isn’t playing, but will increase if the volume is higher.

i have had other makes of Bluetooth speaker and had the same thing.

As @Chiquinho mentions, some seem to pick up in this noise and others dont but the main thing is, when the music is playing it sounds great.

Happy listening !

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@and-mat what is the source you are connecting to Soundcore 2,

I have some other speakers Soundcore and non-Anker / Soundcore and see the same when I connect my laptop. Not so much when I connect via BT to iPhone.

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Hissing noises are pretty usual when it comes to Bluetooth speakers. The sound is usually from the resisters inside of the speaker.

Regarding my old ears, I don’t hear any.
But there may be such hissing of course.

Another example:
Its a real difference when listing to radio via FM or DAB.
FM is always a noise, DAB not.

But this is not a speaker problem of course, and you get used to it.

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