Anker Soundcore 2 issues with pairing

Hello! I have an Aknker Soundcore 2 which has some issues with pairing and connectivity. Firstly, pressing the play/pause button unpairs the connected Bluetooth device connected and I have to go repair it again. Secondly, the speaker automatically and repeatedly unpairs the connected device, especially when it has audio being streamed through it. Lastly, I thought I could use the device with an aux cable, but that sounds muffled, with some frequencies not being played at all, as compared to over Bluetooth. Any idea what can be done?

You only paired with one device right? All of your symptons match exactly when you paired with multiple devices. The most common issue is when pairing with a Windows device as it keeps trying to reconnect so long as it’s Bluetooth is enabled and so breaks other connections. If you did pair with more than one then delete all pairings, turn off all Bluetooth, reset the speaker and then only enable Bluetooth on one device and pair with that one device.

If you pair with two Android devices it works fine in my experience but pairing with Windows must only be done for one dedicated speaker purely for Windows.

You should be verify that the speaker is connected only to one device.
All others must be totally switched off (eg mobile)
Oh sorry @professor this was redundand.
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