Anker Soundcore 2 for phone calls

I have a new iPhone SE. When I connect the Anker speaker to the iPhone using a Lightning / 3.5mm adaptor, the music and podcasts sounds great. But when I receive a phone call, the the audio does go to the connected Anker speaker but to the iPhone handset speaker.

I have tried to use the Bluetooth connection to the Anker for a phone calls but the microphone on the iPhone results in a very weak audio, much weaker than if I disconnect the bluetooth connection and just use the phone normally.

I was hoping that using the Anker could be helpful in making a conference call. Using Zoom and FaceTime the Anker works great.

For phone calls, something is not quite right with the Lightning/3.5 audio connection (no sound) and and Bluetooth connection (low mic pickup).

Unfortunately, the microphone on the Soundcore 2 will not travel through the 3.5 audio cable, so you’ll want to use Bluetooth for phone calls.

When you’re in a phone call, tap the “Audio” option on the phone screen (top right button) and you should be able to select the Soundcore 2 speaker. Does this help with the microphone quality? If the mic works fine for Zoom and Facetime, it should also work for phone calls.