Anker SoundCore 2 auto restart

My Anker SoundCore 2 have some strange behaviour. I can’t believe that it can auto start when i was sleep. I try to power it off, but what’s worse is that it can auto restart! Watch this video, you can understand what’s troubling me.

How can i do now???

Email and they should be able to help you figure out the odd behavior. :slight_smile:

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Try unpairing it with all devices and see if it still exhibits the same behavior.

Yes that does appear to be rather odd behaviour, my two SoundCore 2 have not done that! It should not power on by itself, unless as tonicboy suggests its somehow related/caused by bluetooth?

You can email the support team at if you suspect its faulty.

@Pan_Peter We apologize for all the inconvenience and trouble it caused to you. From the video, it should be the inside battery or the problem of the power button. Would you please contact us via with your purchase receipt and shipping address? We will get the speaker back for further investigation and send you a new replacement. Thanks