Anker Soundcore 2 Audio Syncing Issues


Can someone help me this problem? I know there’s an instruction how to update the firmware in order to fix the audio syncing issues. But the Anker software doesn’t connect via USB even when following the alternative instruction to connect. I completely and specifically follow every thing here but nothing happens, it doesn’t connect:

It’s like a dead end. Please help!

Check out this thread on the Soundcore community forum. They have a step by step guide for updating the firmware.

Just to clarify, which product are you having issues with?

I do not have the Soundcore 2 speaker but we may need some extra info as to where it is failing. Did you updated the installer tool and the file for the Soundcore 2 firmware update?. Is it your computer not finding the Soundcore 2 when it is connected or is it finding it but the installer not working? Also are you using a Mac or Windows and what version (is windows 10).

Suggestions: Restart both computer n speaker and then redo the instructions.
If that does not work, I would follow the instructions for the sound bar and do a device search on the pc. It may be the instructions are for like Window 7 or 8 and not updated for Windows 10 (just guesses). If you are less tech inclined, I would just call their support line and see what they can do for you.

Okay, I was able to connect already and was able to update my firmware. However, the bass isn’t as loud anymore. Although the sound quality is still that quality, the bass got somewhat lesser compared to when it was before the firmware update. Does anyone experience this?