Anker Soundcore 2 - 2017 Christmas Package

Little teaser

Packaging looks great. Will write a full review this weekend


Wow ! This packaging looks so good !
There is a real premium feeling when opening this box.

I want it I want it

Woah how did you get that?

Ooooooooooooh everyone is drooling right now :yum:

is it speaker and a case or more? Powerport, Powercore? Cable?

Beautiful! I wantttttttt it

Looks good :slight_smile: I bought two of the original SoundCore Christmas packages last year as gifts.

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I love this! Have already been looking at buying the SoundCore 2 for my brother for Christmas so may hold out for this for the extra Christmassy feeling!

Does the soundcore jingle like a bell? (maybe loose component inside for the holiday effect) :joy: jk

Now, that’s a gift I wouldn’t mind getting. Love the packaging.

Now that is what a gift package should look like :smile: Know quite a few people who wouldn’t mind that under their Christmas tree :grin:

When can we buy this

That looks soo clean!

I’d love this but would love one for my eldest daughter for Christmas. She loves her dance tunes and her and the boyfriend could have their own bedroom rave with this bad boy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I guess we all want it. @AnkerOfficial and "@"SantaClaus, can you make it happen? :stuck_out_tongue:

PS : Just noticed that no user has the "@"SantaClaus user tag haha
PS2 : I get an 500 error when trying to mention a user that doesn’t exist !

Wow!!! i like it!!
you still have this box?

yes still have box. Its a soundcore 2 speaker and protective carrying case.
I received it from some Anker gnomes i caught in the garden…anyway…

I used speaker all weekend while doing brake job and other things on GF’s car. We were having weird Nov high 80’s weather and my phone overheated sitting in sun (I though speaker battery died but nope). Review almost done, been very busy

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I see this is now listed on UK Amazon :slight_smile:


Ouch 110 bucks on the us site