Anker SoundBuds Tag In-Ear Bluetooth Earbuds range

Hi I have a new set of these and the blue tooth range is about 4 Metres
My phone is on the kitchen top next to the Open door and I am just outside
is this normal?

Hi @nialllove , bluetooth range depends on your surrounding environment. In ideal situations most Anker bluetooth earbuds should be able to average round 40-50ft (12-15m), this would be out in the open with a clear line of site. Range will be reduced depending on obstructions such as walls (materials), temperature or RF interference.

So depending on your house build, 12ft through walls etc sounds reasonable. Have you tried them in a larger open area, such as the garden etc?

You’re doing fairly well. I often lose signal line of sight in say 6ft 2m and if the receiver side is opposite side of my head if can be choppy. That is is an environment with lots of 2.5Ghz congestion.

Thank you for you’re replies
in the house they are good I can leave my phone downstairs and I can be upstairs and they work great
How long is the battery supposed to last as I am only getting 2 - 3 hours after its third charge in three days
first day of charge and use of it for an hour it went flat went flat over night and was turned of over night

Up date on the battery issue
Apparently the device is faulty so Anker are replacing them straightaway and I get to dispose the faulty ones not a problem there.saves me the trouble of returning them.
Happy days

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