Anker SoundBuds Surge shell broken


I have bought some SoundBuds Surge and the shell broke already after something like a week. Thats very annoying. Does somebody here has the same problem? I don’t want to send them back, because they are very nice, but I hope Anker is increasing the stability of it.

Thanks for your answers and sorry for my english :slight_smile:

Anker has great customer service and would be more than glad to help you out! Just contact

Btw, your English is great!

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Thank you. Sadly I lost the case meanwhile. I hope that’s no problem for them.

Can you post a picture of whats broken please,it will better help assess whats going on

How can you take a picture if it’s lost :joy:.

He said he broke the shell of the earbuds, hence why i asked for a picture…he said he lost the case, which is just a clamshell softcase if i remember right.

Oh I see. Sorry, I had a stupid moment… again :joy:

I guess you got me wrong. I lost the shell. There is no others case.

Hi Jan_V,

I am sorry for all the inconvenience caused. Please be aware that we offer our consumers with worry-free 18 month warranty. So please sent an email to, our customer service will help you solve the issue as soon as possible!

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This right here is one of the biggest reasons I am such a huge fan of anker. They back their products and keep true to their warranty. Which isn’t normally needed due to the quality of their products.

Thank you for your answer. My problem is, that I lost the shell and the cable, because I didn’t use it after it was broken. So in your Mail you wanted a photo of the item, but I don’t have it anymore. All I need is a new shell. Can you help me?

What do you mean by shell?
This is what the item looks like

and to me you saying shell would be the casing around the earbuds themself.

Eitherway if you no longer have them or the cable, then how do you expect to get a warranty on something you no longer have in your posession?

I’m sorry to say lost product cannot expect to get a warranty…but if you reply the email and would like to buy a new pair, our customer support team could offer you a discount. :innocent:

Do you sell the shell itself?

I’m sorry, we don’t sell it.:worried: