Anker SoundBuds Sport IE20

First of all, I was rather excited to get these. First of all they are Bluetooth headphones, So a lot handier than my old powerbeats.
The design looks very stylish and I really like the finish and amount of ear pieces and the hook type bits that locks in your ears. They are not heavy at all considering having a battery and the wire is a perfect size.

When I first tried it on it took a few tries to get them to lock in your ears, but once you get the hand of the its becomes seamless to do. Connecting them to my phone was just one click. Easy as pie. Took them for a run and a session in the gym and they remained in my ear and were as stable when I put them on. The were times where the bluetooth was rather skittish especially when moving your head around. The sound quality is rather good considering the price and they do have a good noise isolating properties. And I love the magnetic bit where they tun on once you pull them apart and then turn of when you magnetize them together. Really do love this feature.

If you love to run and work out and dont want to spend Beats kind of money, then these are perfect. Yo will not regret it. Other than that they are great for everyday use as well so definitely a pair to consider.

Price wise they are fantastic so definitely a reason to buy them, functionally and practically they are fantastic as well so would highly recommend them. Comparing them to the Dre Powerbeats. The beats do have a better sound quality and bass but most of the time you wont notice it unless you are very musically inclined.

Overall I am really happy with these headphones and they are on my radar for future purchases.