Anker Soundbuds Slims - Product Review

First of all this is an amazing set of wireless earphones, with features like;
Listen For Longer: Up to 7 hours of playtime and fully charged in just 1.5 hours.
Superior Sound: aptX high resolution HD sound brings your music alive for a heightened listening experience.
Fits Like A Glove: Slim build, ergonomically designed for exceptional comfort.
Water Resistant: Interior nano coating effectively protects against water and sweat.
Anker SoundBuds Slim+ Wireless Headphones, Bluetooth 4.1 Lightweight Stereo Earbuds with aptX High Resolution HD Sound and Customisable Accessories, IPX5 Waterproof Rating Sports Headset with Metallic Housing & Built-in Mic
Received these today and had to give a first impression review. First of all, the sound is absolutely incredible for the price (Even though Anker did send them out to me, so THANKS Anker). I’m genuinely blown away. I’m using these with a iPhone 8+. Plenty of bass, not tinny sounding at all, great treble too, nice and crisp. They are definitely a V shaped EQ which is my preferred style for my music. You will NOT be disappointed with the sound, that I can guarantee. Very little distortion from the cable too so far which is good for people who use these for running, workouts etc,

The fit is very good, they come with 5 different ear bud sizes and 3 wing tip sizes to customise your fit. I chose the ones what are already on the Earphones because I think they fit perfectly, very good seal for noise cancellation. The cable isn’t too long, the in line remote is easy to use blindly, the buttons could do with better switches, they are ‘clicky’ but very stiff, hoping they break in after long term use.
They are all the same shape too which could make it hard to distinguish play/pause from vol +/- but thats a small issue.The charge port has a cover on it for waterproofing that feels flimsy and could break off which will impact the IPX5 rating but that will have to be monitored.

This is only a first impression, no test of the waterproofing or durability yet. Will update if I notice any issues but so far after about an hour of use these are a fantastic bargain.

In The Box:

Anker SoundBud Sport Slim
Xtra Small/Small/Medium/Large in-ear tips and small/medium/large earhooks (found a medium hook/small tip to work well)
Top Sprung Travel Pouch
Micro USB charging cable
FitClip (for cable)
Clothing Clip
Warranty and user manual



(Photos coming soon (when I can find my SD card reader :wink: ))


Thanks for sharing! Will wait for complete review with testing and photos :wink:

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Nice review! Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait for pics :grin:

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Great preliminary review! I have owned this for about a year and the wire doesn’t interfere at all. I would say that the in-line controls are heavy enough to more your wire to the right (which pulls the left earbud). The cover for charging port hasn’t broken yet so that’s a good sign but on the downside the buttons don’t feel that clicky anymore

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Nice review! Looking forward to the photos!


Great review!

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nice review. Looking forward for pictures :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the review!

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No problem man

Yeah I am having problems with the pictures @kumar.sachin sorry!

Cheers! @MSTR

Thank you @TechnicallyWell

@Shivam_Shah It is still a good product though man, I have passed the onto my brother when I got the AirPods so I must admit I don’t really use them anymore!

Good review! Can’t wait to see the pictures

Lol never said they are bad. Honestly would say they great for the price. I use them everyday I have classes and honestly am satisfied. My sister wants one of these since she’ll start college now so I’m trying to see if I can win any in a giveaway or auction. Better to use the powerbucks than money :joy:

yeah that is very true man, hopefully you will get lucky!

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Still no pictures? :cry:

Hope you get the problem sorted out!

:slight_smile: let us give @s.r.brown some more time, not coming as rude here, but people do have other things than writing reviews and reading them

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I don’t… (oh wait I have work :no_mouth:)

Nice review! Would love to see pictures showing the fit :smiley: