Anker Soundbuds slim vs Anker Soundbuds sport

Hey guys,
I cant decide between the two. Whats ur guys opinion.
Which one sounds better?

Preferred the Slim version myself, better fit and lightness compared to the non-NB10 ‘Sport’ version. The sound was also very, very decent…but opinions do vary review to review…

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Would u das they are better than the other?

In my opinion, yes, they were…also recently tried them against a pair of IE10’s (lightning connector) and they to me were the same…

I did a small review on here and Amazon as I received a pair of the Sport versions under the Power User program (of which they got a bit of a slating) and won a pair of the Slims in a community competition (which based on the Sports I did not hold out much hope but was wrong)

As I said, it depends on the end user (and your ears) but to me they are a safe bet purchase for £15-19…

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I have the sport version and do enjoy them. The only thing I noticed is if Bluetooth is on in the area they tend to skip. Even if my phone is only connected to the Sport version.